Recycling - Make it Easier Part 2 of 2

Sunday, September 12, 2010

If you missed part 1, click here.

Recycling can seem like such a hassle, so how would it fit in on a blog that has set out to help you live a simpler life? I want to share a few things with you that might make it simple enough, you might consider joining me!

6. Go Paperless: Try to stop using paper plates & towels (plastic utensils fit in well with this one too) and use cloth. Good quality cloth napkins, hand towels and dish rags can often be found at thrift stores for much less than buying from a big box store.

7. Put it to the curb: Find out if your area has curbside recycling, also check to see if RecycleBank will pick up in your town. (They reward you with points for your recycled material which you can turn into rewards).

If a curbside pickup is not available, locate the nearest recycling drop off center to you and try to incorporate a bi-weekly trip around your other errands & shopping trips. You could even see if a neighbor would be interested in alternating trips with you.

8. What about the odd stuff: What do you do with batteries, CFL light bulbs, old cell phones, electronics?

• For battery recycling locations, check out
CFL Bulbs, check out the EPA website
• Cell Phone recycling, check out (or send them in for Swagbucks)
• For old electronics, check out this page on the EPA website

9. Swap or donate your stuff: Arrange a swap with some family, friends or neighbors and swap some stuff. Give your items a second life and get some "new to you" items in return. Just because you don't use it or love it anymore doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't.

If a swap doesn't seem likely, maybe donate the clothes or VCR you don't want anymore. Let's do our best to keep these items out of the landfills. (Please use your best judgement when donating items, if it's stained, torn, or broken beyond repair, it probably will be thrown out at the donation site).

10. Spread the word: Try to start a recycling plan at your office, put some boxes in various places for paper collection and a separate waste basket in the break room for cans.

At the company I work for, the cans are sold to an aluminum recycling plant and the profits are used to buy a special treat for the office a few times a year.

The best way to spread the word though, is to do it through your actions. Rather than just telling people what they should do, lead by example and maybe they will follow along.

What tips do you have to make recycling easier or more convenient?


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