DIY: Jewelry Organizer for under $20

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I have been trying to find a jewelry organizer that would work in the empty space in my closet, that didn't cost a fortune for quite awhile now. After looking at several sites and stores just to come up empty handed, I decided to make something that would work for my needs.

I had a small makeup bag that I stored my necklaces and earrings in, but it just turned into a tangled mess. More often than not, I would also forget what I had in there and it would sit un-touched for months at a time. Here's how I made the above jewelry organizer:

Everything that I needed to make this organizer was purchased at Walmart. I bought a coat hook for $12, a picture frame for $4 and some ribbon for $3. I carefully removed the glass and inserted some plastic canvas in it's place. For the hanger, I measured the length of ribbon I would need, tied the bow, and folded the ribbon over itself in the back a couple of times and drilled a small screw into the frame to fasten it on.

Now I can simply hang all the earrings with a hook on them into the canvas. For the earrings that do not have hooks on them, I took a small plastic bag, (like this one), punched a hole in it and put a earring hook from my craft supplies, like this through it to hang it up.

Problem solved! Now I can see what I have in an attractive, organized way and I still had enough money leftover to get that necklace I've been eyeing :)


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